5 favorite products from the flea market

Hello,Lingurite ceramica

   I was always tempted by the magic of shopping in the flea market or in the specialized antique shops; not necessarily for the extraordinary experience that they offer (especially if you are a clean freak), but mostly for the little treasures that you can find and with which you can fall in love with them and which could represent an interesting spice for your home.

   Although I did not always had the opportunity to undertake such shopping activities (willingly or unwillingly :D), I have recently managed to gather a small collection of treasures I found between piles of non-treasures and I want to show them to you as well, maybe they will inspire you.

       Am observat că atunci când mă plimb pe aleile târgurilor, ochii imi fug cel mai adesa spre produse de ceramică sau sticlă, fiind foarte versatile și cu care m-aș putea juca în 18870510_10211591864324774_752216254_odiverse proiecte. La fel a fost și în cazul acestei cănițe cu farfurioară care erau ascunse printre nenumărate alte pahare și farfurii, iar momentul în care le-am reunit (pentru că, să ne înțelegem, nu erau împreună) a fost unul foarte safisfăcător :).  Din păcate nu am gasit un set întreg, dar nu mă deranjează. Pot să beau cafeaua și singura cu o carte bună!

Prețul? 3 lei pentru amândouă. Nici măcar nu se punea problema unei negoiceri! Cănița e a mea!

O altă descoperire frumoasă au fost papuceii olandezi din ceramică cu vopsea albastră.  Sunt foarte frumoși, într-o stare foarte bună și arată foarte bine ca și decor, însă eu am câteva idei de proiecte pentru ei. Sunt curioasă cum vor arăta! 18946908_10211591863964765_1495750641_o

Prețul a fost 1 leu pentru fiecare și a meritat fiecare leu!

Pasiunea pentru ceramica albastră s-a extins pe mai multe produse, printre care și această căniță de inspirație japoneză pe care o ador și care cred că v-a arăta superb cu un pui de succulentă. Ar fi fost frumos să găsesc mai multe, dar și singură are un aspect atractiv. Prețul ei a fost  1-2 lei.


18818137_10211591863684758_697858274_oTot pe ideea de ceramică cu inspirație japoneză au fost și lingurițele care încă nu știu exact cum să le întrebuințez, dar asta nu înseamnă că nu le pot admira. Au fost 5 lei toate trei și cred că sunt superbe ca și obiect decorativ.

Ultimul produs preferat sunt cănițele pentru ceai japoneze18926454_10211591864404776_674140382_o (hm, observ o temă aici…) pentru care am avut suficentă răbdare să caut printre vechituri și să le reunesc într-un set. Era și ceainicul pe acolo, dar nu m-a impresionat așa de toare ca și acești puișori cu decor de bambus. Prețul a fost 2 lei pe căniță și cred că vor arăta superb cu flori in ele.

Au mai fost și alte descoperiri făcute, însă acestea sunt printre preferatele mele și abia aștept să le folosesc la diverse proiecte sau doar să ma bucur că le-am găsit!



7 Ideas of Jewelry organisation

  I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite relaxation methods implies organization, decor and occasionally a little bit of change (seems a bit OCD, but have patience with me :)). Today we are talking about jewelry, their beauty, how much we love them and how colorful our life is with them. Ok, maybe not about that exactly, but certainly about how we can expose them and organize them as elegantly as possible, so we can easily become the envy of our friends. I put my detective talents in application and found a few presentation ideas, set for all tastes and decors.

Piramids DIYMountainNecklaceDisplay1(pp_w730_h547)

The jewelry support has surely grown and developed with time. Like any other objects in the house, it has caught new shapes, materialized out of different materials and for different type of jewelries. An interesting type of stand are the wood pyramids that go perfectly with a modern decor , rustic, or even an elegant one, with feminine touches.


Decor FramesDIYAntiquedFrameJewelryDisplay1

We don’t have to limit ourselves to boxes or to the traditional jewelry organizers, especially if these are interesting, out of ordinary, colorful, as well as real works of art. A beautiful frame, appropriate to the decor, can offer of chic to the way you display your jewelries.





The Chain Tree

Of course, you must not limit yourselves only to chains, especially since this method of displaying your jewelries is very simple and even a little bit sexy. It fits many types of decor and the gold, even though a bit extravagant, it is not the only color that can cover this tree. If the investment for the tree seems a bit high, put your creativity in motion with a DIY project. The possibilities are endless.




Colorful plates and overlay plates 

Do you want to see your jewelry displayed on your vanity? That is quite normal! That is quite normal! I mean, they are quite gorgeous, aren’t day? And you want to have an unlimited access to them! In this case, the decorative plates and even the overlay plates fulfill these needs to a T. And there are no limits to stile, dimensions, colors, etc.


Detalis: http://www.minttheory.com/blogs/all/79667526-15-gift-ideas-that-dont-totally-suck

Personalized support for a specific type of Jewelry 1430401751-1430336629-bracelet-organizer-de

Not all women wear all types of jewelry. Some of us prefer the rings, others the earrings or the watches, or maybe just the chains. Why not have a special support to show off our preferences and help us to organize ourselves as efficiently as possible?




Jewelry HangerJewelry organizer title.jpg

Ar you in the mood for a DIY? Why not one to organize your jewelry in a very simple and accessible manner? A hanger can be moved anywhere, with the condition to have where to hang it. If you don’t want everyone to see your jewelry (sometimes is good to keep the suspense hanging) you can keep them hidden,  without the risk of loosing or spoiling them.


Glass Box

Some jewels are more sensitive and need to be protected from oxidation or dust. This can be an impediment if you want to enjoy them them even when you are not wearing them. HMhome_wooden_box.pngWe have the option to present our jewels and keep them protected just as we would with normal jewelry boxes.

My favorite are the H&M boxes, with copper frames, but there are numerous glass options available for different prices and styles, to help us enjoy our precious objects.

Detalis: http://www2.hm.com/ro_ro/casa.html?cm_mmc=adwords-_-ro-_-brand-_-h%26m%20home&gclid=CKTywo7K9coCFfMV0wodWzIJGw

I hope you enjoyed the ideas and they haave inspired you for your next organizing project.

For some video ideas, or in other words, how I organize my own jewelry, have a look here: aici.



Upcycled Frames

Hello everyone,

   Today’s I am Untitledin the mood to refresh something arround the house, to offer new life to the objects, to offer purpose to my life 🙂 And I want to do this by using one of the easies methods (or at least that’s what they say on the Youtube channels) of upcycling – painting. Let’s get one thing straight, I am not talking about spray painting, the amator style, but brush painting, which I hear is said to be fun, relaxing and very practical Challenge accepted!

    For this particular project I will go ahead with a set of photo frames that I really love and that I want to include in my new decor.

   To join me in the madness, you will need:2


   At first, it will be a good idea to protect the glass with masking tape so that paint won’t reach it. This dries very fast and it can be tedious to remove it after. In cas you still get paint on the glass, with the help of som cotton pad and acetone, you can clean it off.
Once the glass is protected, you can stirt with the first layer of primer. Don’t worry if the initial color of the frame is not covered completely, you will sort it out with the second layer.


NOTE: If the chose object is wood, before applying the 4primer it would be best to sand it down and make it as smooth as possible and remove any imperfections.

   After the second coat of primer, you can start painting the frame with the chosen paint, by using slow, smooth moves of the hand. You can go up to 2-3 coats of paint, depending on the intensity and stile you want to create. Be careful so it won’t be to thick.  5

   Once it has dried, the frame can be used as a inspiration statement in your home. You can put pictures in it (as expected) or if you want someting more creative the internet is filled with ideas, images, quotes, dyis, one more original than the other.

   Some of them can be found here.

If you want to see this project filed, plus an extra DIY, click here.





Hello everyone and welcome,

   I will start the line of decorations and home improvement ideas with a very wiock and easy project. I have been wanting for a long time a make up mirror, large enough, but one that I coul d personalise according to my own taste and as easy as possible. I have decided to go with the decoupage (napkin) technique, one that I have not tried till now, and I must say the result came out better then expected, elegant and with a touch of classic.

This is what you will need for the project:

12Since the frame came without the mirror, I had a piece of tape cut down to the dimensions of the frame. I have it done by someone, but if you don’t know anyone who is good at cutting glass, the best solution is to go to a specialist for this part.

The first step was getting rid of any imperfections on the frame and make it as smooth as possible with the help of the sandpaper.

   I protected the mirror with the tape so no drops of paint would reach it. No matter how careful you are though, they will still have a Oglinda 4way of slipping in the wrong directions. After that I applied two layers of white paint on the front and the back. The paint contained primer in the composition, reason for which I could apply it directly. In case you cannot find this type of paint with primer, you can apply one or two coats of primer then follow up with the chosen paint.

   From the napkin chosen, cut out the pattern as exact as possible and separate the layers until you remain only with the colored one.

5a 5b

   I used decoupage glue to apply the pattern on the frame. You have to make sure that napkin is smooth and straight and that the movements with the brush are light, so you wouldn’t get any bumps or break the napkin.
6 6b



Once the frame is completely covered and the glue is dried (15-20 minutes), you can apply a protective coat of lacquer to make the frame resistant and the protect the pattern. The result will be beautiful and have a wonderful effect.


Suggestion: Try using a napkin pattern that matches the chosen paint and make sure that you make the project in an area that is not very windy 🙂 !

And don’t forget to have fun!